Pedrini Cosmetici Ltd. started its activity in 1984.
Our first product was the pH-sensitive colour-changing lipstick, which we called Lepo, a word which means
 "waves of beauty" in ancient Chinese.

Lepo is now the brand name of over 200 natural cosmetics for make-up, face and body treatments, sun-care, hygiene and wellbeing for men and women.

We have made great strides in formulating products, all rigorously and scientifically tested, in our search for new natural raw materials, in the development of new ranges of cosmetics designed to meet the demands of consumers and in the production process, which makes use of the latest technology. 
We are greatly indebted to all our consultants, in particular to Professor Gianni Proserpio, who helped us enthusiastically for many years and whom we remember with great fondness.

In the eighties we launched LEPO NATURAL MAKE-UP, a range of cosmetics totally formulated with natural ingredients: this secured our reputation in the field of natural products and still today ensures our leading position in the market.

The very first face treatment products, derived from VEGETAL CERAMIDES, were launched in 1993 and were so positively received that they were developed into a complete range of treatments for all skin types.

ECOLOGIST was created in 1996: since then this range has been continuously enriched with several products specifically designed with men in mind, to meet their increased interest in wellbeing.

In 1999 the most Mediterranean of ingredients, which we had been considering for years, was used to create the OLIVE OIL range for the treatment, hygiene and wellbeing of face, body and hair: it still is our most complete and successful range of products.

In 2002, in order to offer an even wider choice to consumers, we developed the hygiene and wellbeing sector by creating the BERGAMOT AND TANGERINE range of products, with its extraordinary concentration of Mediterranean fragrances, and the GREEN TEA AND BAMBOO range, inspired by the Orient and suitable for either sex.

In 2004 we launched a new set of products in the hygiene and wellbeing range; the MARINE MUSK line, line, with its distinctly unisex character.
Since 2004 we also obtained the Quality Management System Certification, according to UNI norms EN ISO 9001.

In addition, we launched a special line for mother and baby with SWEET ALMOND OIL as well as a SUN-CARE line, complete with tanners, self-tanners and after-sun products. Finally, we launched the PAPAYA line, with ingredients extracted from tropical fruits, which was enhanced in 2005 with a further three specific products.

In 2005 we completed the renewal of the whole range of products for cleansing, regeneration and treatment of facial skin, with products formulated with ORGANIC CERAMIDES AND VEGETAL EXTRACTS presented in a new, sophisticated packaging.

The FOR MEN line, offering advanced face and body treatments for the modern man, was also completed with new products and given new packaging.

In 2007 our SUNCARE line was greatly enhanced by the addition of a new generation of products. 
Moreover we created a range of newly-formulated SPECIFIC TREATMENTS targeting eyes, face and body.

Our Company does not perform tests on animals.
We only use raw materials not tested or ri-tested* on animals.
*(at least not after 2003).

In 2008 we launched PURE MINERAL MAKE-UP, the revolution in the make-up, based on 100% pure mineral pigments.